It is a pleasure to present Oakridge Homes, a Northwest homebuilder with
over 20 years of construction history and excellence in customer satisfaction.

Take an up-close look at an OakRidge home. At first glance you’ll see the obvious… Detailed craftsmanship, premier materials, and efficient, livable floor plans. A little closer examination will bring some extras to light like features and amenities usually found in more expensive homes. Extra-large windows to let in more natural light, along with strategically located skylights to show off certain focal points of the interior are just a couple of examples. OakRidge Homes is driven by its owner, Scott Serven. His passion is creating those extra comforts that can make your life just a little more pleasant. He holds the line on pricing and yet produces what has been described as “a lot of home for the money”, by agents and homeowners. Mr. Serven is an innovator. He knows the building process forward and backward with over 20 years of personal experience to draw upon. He is constantly finding more efficient ways to build. He then takes the savings and delivers them into the extra features you’ll see throughout an OakRidge home.

Oak Ridge Homes by Seddon Marketing



Rick Seddon, Listing Agent
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Oak Ridge Homes by Seddon Marketing

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